What is Automated Azure Desktop Hosting and Why You Should Check it Out?

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Rob Waggoner


First let’s answer the question you are probably asking yourself. What is Azure Desktop Hosting? The name sounds intriguing enough, but it probably doesn’t register among the 1000’s of Microsoft terms compiled over the years. The most accurate description for Azure Desktop Hosting is Remote Desktop Services (RDS) built on top of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, specifically Microsoft Azure.

Think of Azure Desktop Hosting as the recipe to build highly secure, scalable, and reliable desktop hosting networks in Azure. The Remote Desktop team released a Reference Architecture Guide on how to build out tenant networks for Azure Desktop Hosting back in November 2014. Here’s the caveat…the guide (while educational and useful) really only provides a complex and time consuming set of “architectural blocks”. It is then up to you to figure out how to build out in Azure, which is great for tinkering on the side, but less than ideal for scaling your business. This is why I recommend checking out a platform called MyCloudIT to streamline building out these networks in Azure.

MyCloudIT automates the deployment, management, and monitoring of customer Azure Desktop Hosting networks in the Microsoft Cloud. It is an out-of-the-box solution to start migrating your customer networks into Azure by offering a cloud desktop solution. Their templates and estimated Azure cost schedulers make it easy to quote and quickly deploy customer networks. You can set up a test/demo network for free. Some of our partners are building this test network, then sending out RDP files to potential customers for them to test the user experience.  If you are interested in learning more visit www.MyCloudIT.com. They will have a very large presence at WPC in a couple weeks with a booth, breakout session, and other sponsorships if you are planning to be in Orlando. Visit www.MyCloudITWPC.com to set-up a meeting or product demo while in Orlando.


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