PerfView Version V1.7 released to the web.

It has been a 9 months since the last public version of PerfView, so today I have updated the PerfView Download location from version 1.6 to Version 1.7.  

Here are some of the new features that I think are noteworthy.  You can look at the Help -> Release Notes for more information on detailed changes. 

  • Much improved '(With Tasks) views handles async much better (will improve more in the future as well)
  • Added the 'Size' menu and the 'Directory Size' menu item for figuring out where disk space is going.
  • Enabled Goto Source for .NET Framework.   Will fetch the source code from Microsoft's server so you can see inside .NET framework code.
  • Can turn on Network Capture to capture every network packet (See collection dialog box).  Rudimentary parsing in the 'events' view
  • Net GC Allocations (as well as the original alot-ignore free) now possible for coarse sampling (the default)
  • Provider Browser in collection menu for exploring ETW events on the system (can look at manifset)
  • PerfView log from time of collection is storted in the file and is available from the 'TraceLog' view.
  • 'Set As Default Grouping Menu Item' lets you set your default stack viewer parameters.
  • In the events' view you can select events and issue the 'Highlight in Histogram' to see where they are visually in the histogram.