TraceEvent NuGet package moves from Beta to Release Candidate (RC) status

In my August blog I announced that the TraceEvent library for parsing Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) information was released as a Nuget package.

Well I have updated that package to with several months of updates and declared it a release candidate.   You can get the TraceEvent Nuget package or if you are new to the package I recommend that you create a empty project and get the TraceEvent Samples NuGet package, which shows you how to use the library with useful demos.  

Thankfully, the bug rate for the code was very small, most of the updates are various (relatively minor) feature/performance improvements.   I know that the documentation is not finished, which is one of the major items to complete before formal release. 

If you find any issues you can leave messages for me on my blog here to let me know.   

I will be formally moving it to 'Released' (stable), status soon (within a week or two),