Windows Powershell ISE

I was recently working on a PowerShell issue and found a new Graphical editor for developing PowerShell scripts.


I am sure all of us know how troublesome, debugging PowerShell scripts can be. The default Windows PowerShell (Version 1.0) exposes a command line editor. And as with all command line editors it has no debugging capabilities and very weak error handling (meaning you can expect weird/generic error messages). So till now to debug our issues, we had to rely on either adding logging in the script or relying on third party freeware’s like PowerGUI, etc.


In comes, PowerShell ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment), formerly known as Graphical PowerShell, a graphical development environment and Command Prompt alternative. This is a part of the Windows PowerShell CTP (Version 2.0 CTP 3). The interface has some really cool features:

1. Visual Studio Style Graphical debugging with breakpoints

2. You can work within two panes: one for typing commands and one where the output results are displayed. There is a third pane for editing scripts, but you can disable it

3. And Intellisense (Which is not in this version but the team is planning to introduce this)


<Screenshot of the tool>



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