Visual J# 2005 Express Edition - its free until November 6, 2006*

Q. What is Visual J# 2005 Express ?

Ans. Visual J# Express has been built with the student and hobbyist in mind. Visual J# Express includes many of the same features found in the Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition, but is simplified to make it easier to get started with application development. Some ways you might use Visual J# 2005 Express include:

Learn Java-language application development. Visual J# enables users to use the Java language while also gaining full access to the Microsoft .NET Framework class libraries.

Study for the Advanced Placement Computer Science (APCS) exam. Visual J# Express meets 100 percent of the requirements for the AP CS curriculum.

Build cool and fun projects. Visual J# Express allows you to create fully functional Windows-based applications, and includes the Visual Forms Designer that has made Visual Studio popular for years. Just drag-and-drop forms elements into place and double-click to write code!

Q. Is it free?

Ans. Visual J# Express is offered for free, as a limited-in-time promotional offer, until November 6, 2006.

After one year, as long as you download Visual Studio Express on or before November 7th 2006, you will not have to pay for it.

Q. Cool! Can I get a feature tour!

Ans. Absolutely, a comprehensive feature tour is here

Q. Looks great! From where can I download it?

Ans. You can download it from here

Q. Whats next!

Ans. Let the fun begin!Play around with J# and .NET!!

You can refer to my previous blog post to know more about Visual J# and sample code.

If you have any questions, here’s the J# community to help you out @ J# Forums.

Ask your J# questions to the ever growing J# community.

*Refer to Comprehensive Express Edition FAQ here for more details.