Just Out: The eBook Version of “Programming Windows Identity Foundation”


[UPDATE: I eventually got it too, see at the end of the post]

Yes, you get to see the eBook version of my book even before I do :-)

O’Reilly just made available today the eBook option for Programming Windows Identity Foundation. Thanks to Mike Erickson’s tweet we also know that the download now works (thanks Mike!).

I admit my general ignorance in terms of {<format,device>} well-formed pairs, but from a quick search I learned that

  • Mobi is for Kindle
  • ePub is for Sony Reader, iPad, iPhone, Android, various mobile devices
  • PDF is, well, PDF. I’m sure you’ll figure it out :-)

It’s true, I haven’t seen the book in a single file just yet. Will I buy this one? Weeell, I am still a big fan of the paper versions. Besides, I already know how this particular book ends… but if digital books are your thing, by all means :-)

[Updated: PS, here it is!]