Powerscripting Podcast: ACS, Windows Azure and… PowerShell


Last week I had the pleasure of being guest on the PowerScripting podcast, THE show about PowerShell. That’s actually pretty uncharacteristic for me, considering that at every session I deliver at TechEd I spend the first few minutes on colorful disclaimers about the session being for developers, as opposed to IT administrator… however both the hosts (Hal & Jonathan) and the guys in chat were simply awesome and made me feel perfectly at home!

You can find the recording here. What did we chat about? Well, when I finally managed to stop speaking about myself we went through Windows Azure & PaaS, the idea of claims based identity, WIF & ACS, and finally on the Windows Azure and ACS cmdlets we released on Codeplex. I got a lot of encouragement, you guys seem to like those really a lot, and I also got a ton of useful feedback (“plurals? really? Snapins instead of modules? REALLY?” - Guys, what do I know, I am a dev Winking smile) that we are already working into the planning.

If you are an IT administrator, I would be super grateful if you could take a quick look at a simple 4-questions survey: that will be of immense help for prioritizing our next wave of releases, and will give you the chance to be heard Smile

Thanks Hal & Jonathan for having me on your great show!