The meaning of the symbol

I'd like to thank everybody who gave feedback about the symbol I've proposed in the last post.

The results made pretty much clear that without a context the meaning of the symbol is pretty hard to parse. However it was hoping too much to get an immediate comprehension of it, as it tries to espress a bunch of things at the same time.

I'm trying to find a concise way of representing the new way of developing enabled by the WinFx wave, so:

  • The small flowchart represent a new way of coding, developing using Windows Workflow Foundation;
  • The web service symbol surrounding the flowchart suggests how you host and expose your WF code, in a service;
  • Finally, the shield with the key should remind that the service access will be secured by some identity mechanism

Apart from the shield, which is more about generic security rather than specific identity in itself, the Workflow symbol and the WS are pretty much mainstream: I need to make them more recognizable. And it's clear that it's probably unsuitable to be used without first establishing the context, or without accopanying it with some text; it then maybe act as an anchor for remembering what it's al about.

Thanks again!