SharePoint 2013 site provisioning techniques presentation video recording

Based on request from community, I took some time to do recording of the material related on the SharePoint 2013 site provisioning techniques. This recording is essentially covering the techniques introduced on following previously released blog post.

[Updated on 9th of September with link to download the video for offline viewing]

Video covers following patterns and explains how they work and where they are available. Not actually deep diving on them, but covering them in high level one-by-one.

  • Feature stapling
  • Site definitions
  • Site templates
  • Web templates
  • Remove provisioning with SP Apps

I also embedded the remote provisioning demo directly to this video, which was also included in the original blog post. Notice that used code in the demo is also available for download from following link

Video is available for download from my SkyDrive if needed for offline purposes.

Presentation is also available for you

Hopefully this information is useful for you and if nothing else, feel free to use slides and other content in your own work anyway needed.