Data Scripter Utility for SSMS

You can generate a script for a data within a table - whole bunch of insert statement.   There is an external plug-in available at   I downloaded it and installed it on my machine, it works great.   After installing it you will see an option in your SSMS within Right-click menu off of a selected table to Script out data within the table.    Here is the introduction of this utility from this site:

"Enisey" is data scripter add-in to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). One expands the functionality of SSMS and allows to script data from any tables into a choosen ".sql" file in the view of INSERT statements. It is one .NET 2.0 assembly, registered as COM-object and registered as SSMS addin. The sources contain also setup project for building the full-fledged setup file. Because the project is a plugin, the full built distributive is shipped instead of demo-project. It is prepared for the use. Just install it and you can see a new context menu item "Script Data" inside SSMS on each table.