How to identify which DTS Package is being called by scheduled job

I have seen where DBAs would right click the DTS Package (SQL 2000) and schedule a job. If you schedule a package to run that way, the SQL Job it creates will have an encrypted name for DTS package in SQL job step - similar to what you see below:

DTSRun /~Z0x5B431B25562BD74F4CB941E51326350F8A91C9437DA8D73EBD1C2DE9619DD5E319023043855FECBEE1C4212EC9C8F723E63AD6FEED07C6E6C271FA081A7A944807AF9338BFBD84172F0918E1ABADF33574D3102F3EB5FA5B853FF6A24B366B006E9991A21B8C69B71750032AE391DF759D0B3B09EEAB94B687E05E66CE7307C6304204

To avoid this, you can simply create a SQL Job and choose CmdExec as a step type and type following in your step:

 DTSRun /N"your package name" /S<servername> /E<for trusted connection>


DTSRun /N"Your package Name" /S<ServerName> /U<UserName> /P<Password> --- for SQL authentication

That way you will have meaningful package name in your job. But in case for some reason, you do have those Jobs with weird encrypted DTS package name, here is how you can identify which package is being called by that step (this is something I found from SQL Forum):

1. Copy the DTSRUN line (everything including the DTSRUN)
2. Open a Windows Command Line window
3. Paste the DTSRUN line into the CMD window.
4. To the end of the line, add /!X /!C
/!X = do not execute /!C = copy results onto Windows Clipboard
5. Run the command
6. Open Notepad
7. Click Edit>Paste
that will paste the actual command into Notepad and it will show the name of the package.