Pirates! Gold under Virtual PC

How many times can you release the same game?  In the case of Pirates! it turns out the answer is three.  The original Pirates! was released in 1987.  Pirates! Gold, released in 1993, was the first version to be available on the PC.  This game has recently been released as Sid Meier's Pirates! for both windows and the Xbox.  In all three versions of the game the game play and concepts are fairly similar.  You take on the role of a privateer for one of four sovereign nations in the time of piracy.  You're responsible for managing your ship and crew as you sail around the Caribbean, picking fights and doing whatever you feel like:

Pirates! Gold under Virtual PC   Pirates! Gold under Virtual PC   Pirates! Gold under Virtual PC   Pirates! Gold under Virtual PC

The game is relatively open ended, and you're free to choose what you want to do.  Most activity takes form and mini games, like fencing or ship to ship battle.  This is a very fun game though, and it is easy to spend a couple of hours playing it.  Furthermore, it is a game that once you have completed it, it is still fun to go back and play it again.  This version of Pirates! is best run in Virtual PC as a requires the video display to be configured for 256 colors (and not higher).  I found a very playable, but had to use Turbo (http://wiw.org/~jess/turbo.html) to slow Windows down in order to make some of the mini games playable.