Busy busy busy...

I haven't posted in quite awhile, as development on the next version has been pretty intense.  However, we are still monitoring the blog feedback and comments, so don't feel as if VE3D or the blog is being neglected.  When I have time I will be getting back to writing.

Happy New Year!

Oh, one thing:  apparently in the Win7 Beta (which I just installed on my TouchSmart at home... it is so far very stable and complete and I have been quite happy with it) there is a permissions issue with the LocalLow directory that may cause VE3D to encounter an error on startup.  This is in IE8 in Protected Mode.  There is a workaround.  From an elevated prompt, run this command:

Icacls c:\users\<username>\appdata\locallow\microsoft /setintegritylevel low


We are of course working with the Win7 team to make sure there are no problems when our respective products reach release.