Continuous Testing - A practical guide with concepts and approaches

Looking for concepts, examples and practical guidance on test automation?

We have released a first version of the “Continuous Testing - A practical guide with concepts and approaches” guide to complement the Test Planning and Management Guide.

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Thoughts from our product owner

In this competitive world, everyone wants to react to customer feedback quickly and ship a high quality product. But how do you make continuous changes to your software without comprising on quality? The answer is test automation. Automated tests can measure quality on a continuous basis and help you decide if your product is ready to release—or not. When you know the quality of your product all times, you can confidently make a go, no-go decision during a release cycle. In the DevOps world, test automation is considered as one of the top five DevOps success factors that were presented at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015 .

Some key questions come to mind for every manager before committing resources for test automation. Why should I automate? Isn’t manual testing good enough? What is the ROI of automation? What should I automate? When should I automate? Finally, what are the best practices for automation?

As a Program Manager in the Visual Studio Test product group, I get these questions all the time from customers who are new to DevOps or thinking of investing in automation. Sometimes I send few bullet points to them, sometimes I understand a customer’s specific areas and answer these questions. I found a great resource and wealth of knowledge in ALM Rangers and requested them to deliver a product that can answer these questions for all customers. They have great depth of knowledge in this area and work with real customers in solving some of these exact problems. This is a fantastic guide, built by ALM Rangers, with great details on automation concepts, practices, examples, and case studies. I strongly recommend developers, testers and leads/managers read this guide to deepen their understanding of automation practices and methodologies.


Who’s in the team?

  • Product owner – Gopinath Chigakkagari
  • Development team – Bob Hardister, Charles Sterling, Hassan Fadili, Hosam Kamal, Oscar Garcia Colon, Patricia Wagner, Pierre Donyegro, Danny Crone, Darrin Rich, Baruch Frei, Ricardo Serradas, Rob Maher, Vladimir Gusarov, Case O’Mara, James Waletzky, Mike Douglas.

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