Flash May 2015 – Wave of innovation and happy anniversary!



You can find the latest flight plan snapshot at aka.ms/vsarFlightPlan image



happy anniversary

On June 16th our ALM Rangers community will be 9 years old. The following email from Bijan was uncovered as archaeological evidence: image Nine HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

welcome our new associate rangers

The following Associate ALM Ranger who has joined us : Mikael Krief. Welcome and enjoy the adventure!

more community activity gems worth noticing

The ALM Rangers often engage and deliver value to the ALM community behind the scenes. Here are some of the many nuggets:

interesting reads


image_thumb213_thumb     CodePlex  Getting closer to mystical 1M milestone.image image image Blogs   image  …/visualstudioalmrangers/ team blog showing healthy growth. image_thumb229_thumb

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Nuggets Brian Keller's VM Community Feed

Visual Studio Comparisons Downloads Marketing (ALM) Marketing (VS)


image Jim Szubryt won custom shirt for his //BUILD event comment “Microsoft is universally everywhere; every device and development platform for every developer”. JimRobot Talking to Jim Szubryt on Skype presented this great robotic snapshot. Horse Josh Garverick’s suggested Avatar for Andrew, our PO on the vsarDebugging project. FB_20150523_23_07_38_Saved_Picture Anisha Pindoria and Hassan Fadili Q&A on Channel 9 seen on a big screen.