Visualize the health of your builds - a sneak preview of the Team Project Health extension

The Team Project Health extension, created by Wouter de Kort, Jakob Ehn, Utkarsh Shigihalli, and Ed Elliott, enables users to visualise the overall health of builds.


When you're running multiple CI/CD pipelines, it's invaluable to visualize the overall health of your projects. This extension contains a number of dashboard widgets, that enable users to create a visual cue on their dashboards, similar to the Codify Build Light.

This is an early preview showcasing the concept using build widgets. We're planning to implement similar views for releases, and enhance the configurability of the overview widgets.

Build Overview

Using the Build Health Overview widget you can add an overall status of your builds to your dashboard. As shown, we have (1) twenty seven build definitions for which the latest builds have passed, (2) zero failed builds and (3) zero builds in progress. The widget changes it's colour to green if everything is healthy, blue if anything is building, and red if anything has failed.

Build Overview

Build Details

By combining the Build Health Overview and the Build Health Details widgets you can create a build board that shows the same overview status and a detailed status for each build. As shown, we have (1) one build that is processing, which changed the colour of the Build Health Overview widget to blue. We easily spot that it's the vsarVSTS Countdown Widget that is building, the version of the build, and who queued the build.

Build Details

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What’s next?

This is an early preview to share the concept and to get your feedback. We’re planning to:

  • Allow you to configure which builds to monitor with the overview widget and give the grouping a name. The preview defaults to all builds.
  • Implement the same widgets to visualise you to visualize your releases.

What else?


We need your feedback! Here are some ways to connect with us:

  • Add a review on the marketplace
  • Add a comment below
  • Send us a tweet @almrangers