The new X++ editor

I am currently working on the next version of Dynamics AX – AX6 and as part of the development experience improvement, my team has been working on a new editor for the X++ language. This editor is based on the same framework than the Visual Studio editor.

Here is how it looks like:


The line numbering and the gradient marking are the first visible signs of a new UI. The rendering is WPF based, so that gives some opportunities for cool graphics.

Here is little more exiting view:


Things to notice, that are new relatively to the existing editor are:

  • Support for multiple fonts and styles (comments are in a different font in italic).
  •  Differentiated coloring of strings and numbers.
  •  Operators coloring (in pink here, but don’t worry I’ll most likely change it before we release !).
  •  Change tacking margin.

For other sneak previews at AX6, you might want to take a look at mfp's blog

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