Monitoring Lync Active User Count with Operations Manager


For monitoring Lync we  have  a solid MP with strong capabilities.  We have capability to monitor core components  and by using Lync watcher nodes we can  simulate user  experience.   One key piece of information I found    missing in the MP is  the  number of users connected to front ends server at given  point in time. Most customers uses such counters to measure  how the service being consumed, which different endpoints being used etc.


Lync stores the user information in    RTCDYN  database  of Lync  in frontend servers.There are various scripts/queries to collect this information. Here I’ve used  the script sample from  Pat Richard (  and  converted it to  feed data  to Operations Manager using  property bags .


After you start collecting this from Front End servers  then you can visualize  it using  Performance Widget, Object Detail Widget or in a performance report.


Update  ( 26/07/2015):

I have fixed the    wrong folder references and uploaded the MP again.