Getting started with SoftGrid

Ok, so far my attempts to get up to speed on SoftGrid have been not very fruitful to say the least. Now I found this video and watch it while writing this blog post. The video is part of the Windows Vista Enterprise Video Demos. The presenter is Chad Jones, a Senior PM in the Windows product group

I am half way through and must say it is of some value if you do not know anything about Application Virtualization at all.


Content (start time):

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 09:20 Sequencer demo
  • 19:00 Virtual Application Publishing
  • 24:45 Dynamic Delivery (don't miss this!)
  • 33:35 Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization Explained
  • 40:50 Microsoft SoftGrid and SMS
  • 48:30 Real World Case Studies - Usage Scenarios
  • 57:50 Microsoft SoftGrid and Vista Migration
  • 60:30 The Vision: The Optimized Desktop

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