Windows Media Encoder 9 Series for x64

Looks like I am completely out of the loop currently. Too much work I guess :-)

Windows Media Encoder 9 Series is now also available in an optimized version for x64. Even though "some encoding scenarios are not yet fully optimized for the 64-bit version of the encoder" there must be some improvement.
Have you tried it already?

--- Just did a few tiny and non-representative tests on a 4-proc Xeon workstation with 8GB of RAM. I ran 5 simple 2-pass file conversions. All conversions ran about 25% faster with 64-bit wmenc. The CPU utilization went up from an average of 49% (32-bit wmenc on 64-bit XP) to 85% (64-bit wmenc). Memory utilization was identical with about 120MB v-mem size and about 80MB memory usage on 32-bit and on 64-bit. Like I said, just FYI and certainly not representative. Back to Stargate...