CoreCon API - Part V

Last post we looked at how to write a device side agent. I am uploading the source for file viewer written using CoreCon API's.

How to use

  • You need to have visual studio 2008 installed in your machine.
  • Extract the zip file. It has 2 solutions and 2 xsl files.
  • Take a back up of your global datastore directory
    • In vista this is "C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\corecon\1.0"
    • In non-vista this is "c:\documents and settings\All users\Application Data\Microsoft\corecon\1.0"
  • Copy the xsl files to "addons" directory inside the Global datastore directory.
  • Build the solutions. Copy the RemoteAgent.exe to d:\temp\Armv4i directory. If you are keeping the file in different directory then you need to modify the RemoteAgent.xsl file accordingly (modify the RootPath property)
  • Execute the FileViewer.exe - you have the fileviewer ready.

I have created the RemoteAgent.xsl package for Armv4i architecture only. If you want to work in any other architecture then you need to build the RemoteAgen.sln in the required architecture. Add a Packagetype entry in the Remoteagent.xsl for that architecture. In case you want to add support for X86, then add the following inside the Packagetypecontainer (in RemoteAgent.xsl)

<PACKAGETYPE Name="x86" ID="x86" Protected="True">
<PROPERTY ID="RemotePath" Protected="True">%CSIDL_WINDOWS%</PROPERTY>
<PROPERTY ID="RootPath" Protected="True">D:\temp\x86</PROPERTY>
<PROPERTY ID="CommandLine" Protected="True"></PROPERTY>
<PROPERTY ID="CPU" Protected="True">x86</PROPERTY>
<PROPERTY ID="Host" Protected="True">RemoteAgent.exe</PROPERTY>
<FILE ID="RemoteAgent.exe" />

Place the remoteagent.exe built for X86 in D:\temp\X86 directory.


Anand R