ShellExecute fails when called from Internet Explorer Protected Mode


When calling ShellExecute to open of Office document from Internet Explorer, the call will fail with a “File not Found” error if Protected Mode is turned on. The problem occurs after installing Office 2007 Service Pack 1 on Windows Vista.


Internet Explorer Protected mode is available when running Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista. When running in protected mode, Internet Explorer runs as a Low Integrity process. The Office applications on the other hand, run with Medium or High Integrity. The ShellExecute API attempts to establish a DDE connection with the Office application and execute a DDE command to open the Office document. The Office applications no longer allow DDE conversations from Low Integrity applications.

This problem effects Internet Explorer Plug-Ins and COM components instantiated from client script.


Add the site to the Trusted Sites collection (Protected Mode is turned off) or create a broker process which will start with elevated privileges and call ShellExecute from the elevated process. The file to open can be passed on the command line to the new process.

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