Orcas Beta 2 Deployment Stories

Hi, my name is Kris Makey, I'm one of the Testers working on the VSTO team. 

Over the last year my area has been focused on testing the new Deployment features for "Orcas" Office 2007.  It's been a rather hectic year getting every to be just right.  Hopefully what you (our customers) are seeing in Beta 2 is just as exciting for you as it is for us.  I was hoping I could get a little feedback from you on how you feel about the new deployment and security model. 

What are the things you like about the new methods?
What are the things you don't like it?
What sticking points have you come across?  Are there changes we made that don't make sense to you?
Have you come across any interesting behaviour?
What interesting deployment scenarios have you tried?

Anyway, I'm curious how this feature is panning out for you, please leave your feedback in our VSTO forum:


Kris Makey - SDET