Providing Feedback on Next Release of VSTO (in VS 2008 Beta 2)

I'm hoping many of you are as excited as we are about the upcoming release of VSTO - shipping in Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition. In this release, we'll have many new exciting features such as the ability to create custom Outlook form regions, support for ClickOne deployment, visual ribbon designer, VBA/VSTO interoperability, and much more.

I also hope that you've had the chance to download the VS 2008 Beta 2, as we'd love to hear from your feedback about your experiences. If you haven't downloaded and tried the VS Beta 2 (aka Orcas), then download today! You can find the download here:

If you have tried it, and you'd like to provide us with your feedback then click the Email link on this blog and send us your thoughts.

Some other resources that will help you out are:

VSTO Beta Hands-on Labs:

VSTO Developer Center:

VSTO Forum:

Also, great blog post here that summarizes lots of resources:

I hope you have a great experience with the the VS 2008 Beta 2, and please be sure to tell us about your experiences.


Steve Fox

Program Manager