SharePoint Workflow Activities in the Toolbox

When you create a new SharePoint Sequential Workflow or SharePoint State Machine Workflow project, no SharePoint Workflow activities appear in the Toolbox.


You need to add these activities manually in the Beta 1 release of Visual Studio Code Name Orcas Tools for the Microsoft Office System. Use the following instructions to do this:


1. Add a tab to the Toolbox. You can name this tab whatever you want. For the purpose of this example, name the tab SharePoint Workflow.

2. Right-click the SharePoint Workflow tab, and then click Choose Items.

3. In the Choose Toolbox Items dialog box, click the .NET Framework Components tab.

4. In the Filter box, type Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowActions.

5. Select all the components that are in the Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowActions namespace, and then click OK.

SharePoint workflow activities are added to the SharePoint Workflow tab of the Toolbox.

- Norm Estabrook

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