Visual Studio Gallery phase 2 updates rollout

The Visual Studio Gallery site has many new features added, part of an overall phase 2 site feature update rollout this month.

Summarized from Anthony Cangialosi's blog post The Visual Studio Gallery gets a little more community friendly:

New features added:

  • Users can now contribute their own ratings on the quality extensions they’ve tried

  • Visitors can optionally provide a detailed review about the extensions

  • We’ve added a Review Tab were visitors can sort through the various reviews on an extension

  • The “Was this review helpful” lets other browsers sort credible reviews from the rest

  • Authors of an extension now get aggregate information about the ratings of their extension

  • Last we jazzed up the category & search results page giving a better summary of the matching extensions

More features coming soon:

  • Author contributed Tags for extensions

  • RSS Feeds for each category

  • Tag based RSS feeds

  • Improvements to the new Categories list page

  • Improved Submission form