Updated Scaleable Networking Pack (SNP) Guidance

It's been quite some time since I've posted, and even longer since I posted regarding the SNP related issues in Windows 2003 Sp1 and the SNP.

Windows IT Pro has published our updated guidance regarding how to configure this family of network related features, specifically Receive-Side Scaling (RSS), TCP Chimney Offload, and Network Direct Memory Access (NetDMA).

My experience as an onsite PFE leads me to believe that a lot of admins take the network stack for granted, as I commonly see NIC drivers that are years old and terribly outdated. It strikes me that in many environments, things such as network card drivers are installed with the base image of the server, and are forever frozen at that particular driver revision forever.

So, take a few moments, and read the  updated guidance, and consider updating your NIC drivers (don't forget the teaming software too!). You just may spare yourself some grief.