December 2013 releases of EwsEditor - and

Earlier this year I took over EwsEditor from its prior owner and have been updating it to update it for Exchange 2013 and include additional processing.  This month did two releases of changes and fixes.  If you are not familiar with EwsEditor then be aware that its a very large sample of code written in C# which uses the Exchange Managed API to do various operations.  One way to think of it is as a the MFCMapi of EWS. 


Here is a summary of the changes done over the past several months...

  • Updated it for Exchange 2013.
  • Merged in a lot of code I had in a separate EWS testing application.
  • Fixed lots of bugs.
  • Added a lot of new functionality – especially around synchronization, loading of properties, import/export, time
    zones and several other areas.
  • Added improvements to the logon service screen.
  • Added changes to existing windows to make help provide better information.
  • Added a basic client like window for editing Email message, Appointments, Tasks and Contacts. -12/19/2013-12/31/2013

  • Did some clean-up and added a few new features...
  • Added task item edit screen. So, there is now a basic set of client like edit screens for Messages, Contacts, Appointments and Tasks. Additional features can be added to those windows as needed in the future.
  • Can now create a new Email message, Contact and Calendar item by right clicking on a folder of that type and selecting New...
  • Default button for user's mail address added to service window
  • Added play on phone window.
  • Login service windows can now default in user's smtp address,
  • Can now name folder and set folder class when creating a new folder
  • New window under “Other” dropdown menu which displays information about the current window user's account.
  • Released – change set 28884. - 5/16/2013-12/18/2013

  • Started 1.7.3
  • Updated to latest Managed API released – 2.0
  • Building with Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 3.5
  • Can specify versions up to 2013 now.
  • Added ability to set options when loading an item which was
    exported prior.
  • Generated proxies have been updated to 2013 RTM.
  • Added a screen for TimeZone information from the local machine and Exchange server.
  • Set a default of the Exchange version to Exchange2007_SP1instead
    of blank.
  • The TimeZone can now optionally be set on login.
  • I merged-in a lot of calendaring and diagnostics code I wrote
    for a parallel app. However, it is not yet accessible from the menu.
  • Updated Timezone info screen.
  • For the folder notifications pull subscriptions form I added the
    ability to subscribe to all folders, the timeout can be set, you can
    double-click on an event in the listview and it will display info on the event
    in an all text window. The formatting of the screen layout was also altered
  • Streaming notifications window can now subscribe to all folders.
    If you double-click on the listview it will present the event you click on as
  • Fixed formatting in streaming and pull notifications windows.
  • Increased amount of info presented when looking at events in
    pull and streaming subscriptions windows. Now you can get a better idea of
    which items and folders were involved in the events.
  • Importing MIME will now use the item specific objects for
    importing MIME for appointments/messages/Contacts
  • Item Export menu now can display MIME in a window. This greatly
    developer review of Exchange generated MIME.  Mime for each item can also
    be pulled and displayed. This new item only shows when you right-click on a
    calendar folder.  
  • CalendarView integration. Provides a view of a calendar folder
    which allows you to look at instances/exceptions/singles by selecting a day on
    a calendar view control. It will display the info for each item in either a
    master calendar form or in an instance/exception form.
  • Added ContactsForm with basic functionality.
  • InboxRules enumerations windows was added.
  • Added a feature to add MIME to a folder via a window with a text
  • Fixed tab order in several screens.
  • Override SSL certificate verification is now defaulting to true
  • Added Options window button the Service (logon) screen.
  • Some minor changes to the Service (logon) screen to allow for
    longer values and did some minor formatting.
  • Adding code to add "X-AnchorMailbox" when the version
    is set above Exchange 2010. This should be set for 2013 and Exchange online 15.
  • Clean-up for Servicedialog - now easier to use.
  • Added ability to show changes for SyncFolderItems.
  • Added the ability to load properties in Sync Folder Items- if
    you double click it lists some properties and shows errors if it runs into any.
    Added buttons also to properties on every item in the list in one sweep and
    also to do individual item loads of properties. Any errors are displayed in a
    text window. Extensive error catching was added. This should help with
    identifying issues with loading properties on items as they can point out which
    items are of issue while getting props. Note that the two new buttons may take
    a while for their code to execute.
  • Autodiscover errors now show more details on errors during
    service login and captures Autodiscover specific error events. Autodiscover
    viewer now shows error and response data - double click on item to see
    multivalued data - also captures Autodiscover specific error events.
  • Connected Contacts form and adjusted layout to look better. Now
    you can right click on a contact and edit it. Minimal number of fields are
    displayed and some are not editable. Some properties such as phone numbers will
    take a bit of code to provide proper editing ability - this will need to be
    done at a later date.
  • Added the Distribution List Expansion window on the Tools menu -
    it allows you to drill down through the distribution list hierarchy and see
    which mail addresses are under each DL. This is the last primary functionality
    piece EwsEditor has been needing.
  • Delegate windows was showing an error while entering - fixed it.
  • Released – change set 28715

 If you run into any issues or have comments then please post them below.  Keep in mind that this is a sample application and as such has no support.  However, I try to fix bugs as they are run across and as time permits.