EWSEditor 1.16 Released

I've done a lot of clean-up in EWSEditor and added a few needed features for this release.

I would like to highlight one major change with EWSEditor in this release: Prior all versions of EWSEditor did not use COM objects. This version uses CDOSYS in order to provide a new feature – the ability to parse MIME. If CDOSYS is used to parse MIME and it fails, then that MIME is most likely incorrect. Sometimes it's very helpful to be able to analyze a MIME body and parse it out and analyze its parts – this is what this new feature provides.

1.16 - 5/4/2016– 6/29/2016

  • Added an editing window for messaged/calendar/task bodies - its launched by a button on those item types edit windows. It displays the body in an IE control - which helps with reviewing bodies. It can also load and save body samples, which I had added to prior to the code base.
  • I removed the requirement for location to be set in the calendar item window.
  • Merged features into the encoder window which were in EASTester. Fixed some issues with control character checking in the encoder window.
  • Fixed AvailabilityForm - one of the controls kept breaking (corruption) - I fixed it. AvailabilityForm is way too big and needs to be smaller - so I reduce, removed the close button and moved the Get User Availability to be by where attendees are added, which is a more logical place. The sizing issue was found during a training session in China.
  • EWSEditor now builds without warnings.
  • I added a feature to the Conversions dialog to beautify XML - needed for code review and repros.
  • Fixed form titles in synchronization forms.
  • Moved the Synchronization forms under a sub menu under Tools to save space.
  • Fixed rendering/sizing issues with Availability window.
  • AutodiscoverViewer now under a new "discovery" window on the Tools menu.
  • Added new windows for GetDomain Settings and to display a list of SCP end-points.
  • Started putting groups of related forms into sub-folders in the visual studio project - it's getting hard to find forms.
  • Fixes related to oath changes, mime entry changes, changes for defaults to user name and set x-anchor-mailbox.
  • Saving and loading profiles are no longer supported directly off the menu. The work to get it to function properly will take too much work and complex. Saving and loading may be added to the main New Service window in the future, however that will also require a lot of work since many login and config settings are tied to the Options window.
  • Added search for items by class.
  • Fixed issue with showing cleaned the response in EWS POST window's summary text box. Made the odd characters found stand out more.
  • Get OOF - second tab's text area is short.
  • Pull notifications - the last check box to right is overlapping group box -fixed.
  • Streaming notifications – changed screen size as its too big.
  • User Configurations window - Can now load settings for a specified folder and settings string.
  • EDiscovery - Screen is too high for some machines.
  • Broad testing for changes done for oAuth fixes. I'm trying to make sure that I didn't miss anything.
  • Reorganized files to make it easier to find code files since there were a lot in certain folders.
  • I added some additional UserConfig settings to default in the UserConfig window.
  • Added Mark as junk form.
  • Added MIME parser to Tools menu. It can also be launched by right clicking on an item.
  • In the Domain settings window I added a message saying it only works with AutoDiscover.
  • In the SCP lookup I noted that the client must be in-network with the Exchange server.
  • In the Log-in screen the default for SMTP address is wrong for the X-header is not defaulting correctly when impersonation is selected. It should now default correctly.
  • In User Availability I widened the Hours column in the first listview.
  • In the Mail Tips window the XML View was not rendering correctly. The button was also moving on resize. Both have been fixed
  • In the File Content Helper window there was an issue with resizing due to split control container issues- fixed.
  • MIME parsing window - Change "MIME" to "Full Item MIME"
  • Service developer test window not showing status dialog when test button is pushed. I added code to show the service URL.
  • Could not export using ExportItems from the menu when using Impersonation – this is on the list to fix later.

Here is the link:

EWSEditor 1.16