Tip #42: Did you know... ConfigurationEditor allows you to generate C#, JavaScript or AppCmd script to update configuration?

If you want to write a script to add new or update existing configuration, no matter what configuration file it belongs to (e.g. administration.config, applicationHost.config or website or application specific web.config), you can install Configuration Editor, which is a part of the IIS Admin Pack and use “Generate script” feature, just of its numerous great features.

In order to download this and read more about this please click on below links.

- 32-bit admin pack MSI

- 64-bit admin pack MSI

After you install the admin pack, go to the object, for which you want to generate a script (e.g. a server, website or application) and click Configuration Editor


First make a change to configuration by choosing a configuration file and configuration section from the drop-downs below, add new or modify existing configuration and click “Generate Script” from the Actions panel .


Copy code from the window that pops-up to your script! Modify as necessary.


Read more:

1. Using Configuration Editor: Generate Scripts


2. How to Script / Automate IIS7 Configuration (without writing code)


Please note that you will need to have II7.0 installed for using this.

Kateryna Rohonyan