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My Silverlight 2 book is finally available!

Amazon's page for this book is a little confusing, so I thought I'd clear some stuff up :)

Despite the title, this is the First edition of the book for 'Introducing Silverlight 2'. For some reasons, the previous book 'Introducing Silverlight 1.0' is being counted as the first, and this book as the second, but it's a completely different book for a completely different version of Silverlight!

Secondly, it's Silverlight 2, and not Silverlight 2.0 :)

Third, and most important -- it is based on the Beta 2 of Silverlight 2. It was revised and updated using daily builds of B2, so there may be some small differences between it and the actual Beta 2 release. If you find any gotchas, or if anything is holding you up -- drop me a line at

This book will be kept up to date so if you want to get started with SL2, don't wait for the RTM version of the book, go with this one. Code updates for CTP/RTM, bug fixes etc. will be posted to my blog at

Finally, I think this is a _great_ book to help you demystify Silverlight. I've tried to make it as easy to read and approachable as possible. It's not an in-depth exhaustive tree-killing tome. My goal was to give you a book that you can skim through and dive into in a week or so, and have enough to be up and running with this wonderful technology! As always I appreciate feedback, and reviews on the Amazon page (particularly positive ones!!)

The book is in two parts, the first, introducing Silverlight where I go over the architecture of Silverlight, how to use it in the browser, what XAML is all about, how to use JavaScript to program Silverlight and more.

The second part, 'Programming Silverlight' gives you a detailed introduction to programming Silverlight using .NET. I give you an intro by building a casual game, then move onto looking at the common controls that you may want to use in Silverlight. I've also put in a chapter on how to build your own controls.

Additionally Media, Ink, DeepZoom, templates, Dynamic languages, ASP.NET controls and more are covered. I know I'm biased, but I think this is a great book.

Finally, the book is being translated into Chinese, Korean, Japanese and French, which is particularly exciting. Can't wait to see the final versions of each!

Please check it out!!