Introducing Silverlight 2 – Code updates for RC0/RTM

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Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 2.0, 2nd EditionLots of you nice folks who bought my Silverlight 2 book have been asking for updates and fixes to the code. Once we got RC0 out the door, I started updating the code, a process which is now finished. A couple of weeks back I shipped the code from part 1 of the book, but now here is part 1 and part 2.

A couple of major changes to note:

1. I removed the DeepZoom code – back when the book was written, Deep Zoom Composer wasn’t as smart as it is today. I wrote a lot of code for handling mouse events etc, but, that is now all generated for you by the tool, so I recommend that you use that. You can still step through the tutorial in the book for laying out deep zoom images within images etc., but the code is no longer necessary.

2. Chapter 14 and DLR has some changes – the DLR stuff has now moved to a CodePlex project to the parts of the text talking about Chiron being in the SDK are innacurate. I’ve put some notes on what to do in a readme