OpsMgr: Sample Dashboard Hoster Widget Template

This blog post features a sample management pack that consist of a widget template that allows the user to create dashboard hoster widgets via a UI, to host other preconfigured native dashboards within the same dashboard layout in the OpsMgr 2012 Operations Console. 

This sample management pack library can now be downloaded from the TechNet Gallery.



This Dashboard Hoster Widget template is defined in a management pack with a display name of Sample Dashboard Hoster Widget Component Library and references some components in the Microsoft Legacy SQL Server Visualization Library (Microsoft.Legacy.SQLServer.Visualization.Library.mpb).
Therefore, the Microsoft Legacy SQL Server Visualization Library management pack bundle (download here) must be imported before or together with the Sample Dashboard Hoster Widget Component Library.


Importing the management pack into a OpsMgr 2012 R2 environment will allow the widget template to appear under the “All Templates/WeiOutThere Dashboard Hoster” folder in the “New Dashboard and Widget Wizard” page:

To create an instance of this custom Dashboard Hoster widget, first create a dashboard layout (with n-cells), Click to add widget on a cell, then select the Sample Dashboard Hoster Widget template, go through the UI pages of the template and enter the required information.

  1. On the “General Properties” page, enter a name for the widget.



  2. On the “Dashboard URI” page, provide the URI for the dashboard to be hosted by the widget. The URI is defined by a string consisting of the main dashboard component name and it’s management pack name, in this format:


    Note that only the dashboard components with full Component Implementations can be hosted by the hoster widget. Dashboards created using Component Overrides i.e. created in the Operations Console WILL NOT work on the hoster widget.


  3. Click the Finish button to create the custom dashboard hoster widget.



  4. Here is what a hoster widget hosting the Management Group Health dashboard would look like:



  5. Here is what a hoster widget hosting the Management Group Health Trend dashboard would look like:



Here are some preconfigured native dashboards and their corresponding URIs that can be hosted on the Dashboard Hoster Widget:


Dashboard URI

Management Group Health Microsoft.SystemCenter.OperationsManager.SummaryDashboard!MainDashboard 
Management Group Health Trend Microsoft.SystemCenter.OperationsManager.SummaryDashboard!TrendDashboard 
Network Summary Dashboard Microsoft.SystemCenter.Visualization.Network.Dashboard!MsScVsNtDb.NetworkSummaryDashboard 
Web Application Status Microsoft.SystemCenter.WebApplicationSolutions.Library!Microsoft.SystemCenter.WebApplicationSolutions.SingleUrlTestStatus.Dashboard 
360 Applications Summary Microsoft.SystemCenter.ApplicationMonitoring.360.Template.Dashboards!Microsoft.SystemCenter.ApplicationMonitoring.360.Template.Dashboards.AllApplicationsSummary 




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