A Day in the Life of a Government Worker

Cloud computing can help governments increase productivity and improve collaboration while reducing IT costs. But which cloud productivity solution should you choose?

Microsoft has years of experience working with governments at all levels. After weighing the options, governments from the State of Minnesota in the United States to the Northern Ireland Assembly in Europe to the Western Bay of Plenty in New Zealand have decided that Office 365 is the right solution for them. With Office 365, government workers use familiar tools to maximize their productivity, take collaboration to a new level, and better serve citizens.

With Google Apps, staying productive isn’t as easy. They waste time looking for familiar email features. Their ability to collaborate is compromised. And staying productive without Internet access is difficult.

The infographic below shows what a day in the life of a government worker is like using Office 365 versus Google Apps. Check it out for yourself!

A day in the life of a government worker using Office 365 versus using Google Apps.

Download the infographic.