2 New Wikininjas eBook and a New MTTC Winner!

Many contributors from TAT contributed for the Microsoft Technical Turkish Contributor and they wrote excellent content. It’s with a great pleasure that I announce that RECEP YUKSEL is our New MTTC! Well done and absolutely deserved! All our Judges (by the way I want to thank them all) were fascinated about your Exchange article! Please see the comment hereunder. 

Recep YUKSEL - TAT's avatar

Guru Award

 Microsoft Technical Turkish Contributor 2014 – Q1  

Gold Award Winner


Recep Yüksel Exchange Server 2013 Kurulum ve Konfigürasyonu – Bölüm-1 (tr-TR)

Ed Price: "Recep, this is amazing, not only is this a 3-part series, but each page is very depth with a lot of images and great communication in the comments. These articles would benefit from a TOC for easier navigation. Overall it’s very exciting to see some great Turkish Exchange Server Content on TechNet Wiki!

Benoit Jester: “A great series I like to read; detailed explanations with lot of images – A must-read article for those who are searching information’s about Exchange 2013 configuration. Thanks for that!"

Craig Lussier: “This is a fantastically detailed and informative series highlighting the installation and configuration of Exchange 2013! Excellent Job!"

Silver Award Winner


YavuzTasci Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Migration (tr-TR)

Ed Price: " Yavuz: This is a very long and thorough article with some in-depth explanations through the process and some good interactions in the comments. It could also benefit from a TOC. Great Job." 

Benoit Jester: " The number of images combined with clear explanations made this article easy to read: clear, technical and detailed - sort of article I like to read!"

Craig Lussier: "A very thorough and insightful technical article. Clearly outlines the process with great use of images. Easy to read and follow.”

Bronze Award Winner


Davut Eren Active Directory ve Exchange Schema Versiyonu Kavramlari (tr-TR)

Ed Price: " Davut: Great explanations and use of table and images! To create a TOC, you would use headers for each section (H1 is fine) and then enter the text “[toc]” at the top. Great job on this article!" 

Benoit Jester: “Another good Turkish article! Easy to read and to understand, it deserves absolutely the Bronze Medal."

Craig Lussier: “A great article with future reference value. Well Done!."

2 New Wikininjas eBook

Mehmet Parlakyigit and Ugur Demir from TAT wrote 2 new eBooks. I’m pleased and honored to announce their excellent work! I had a real pleasure to read their eBooks and I’ll hope that you also will read their eBooks even if you don’t understand Turkish =^) ( Bing translate is your friend )



Thanks again to our Hyper-V and Exchange Server specialists!


That’s all folks; you already got 2 blog posts today so I’ll make mine very short!

Happy reading and join me to congratulate these persons!