5 years of BizTalk Server content

About five years ago I wrote my first TechNet Wiki article on how to prepare for the BizTalk Server 2010 exam. And in those days very few wiki articles on BizTalk were available. The TechNet wiki just started to evolve and BizTalk was and still is, considered a mature Microsoft Server product.

Integration is key in any successful enterprise solution. Data needs to travel between systems and nowadays cloud. It's what makes IT and integration in particular great. And having a resource at your fingertips to find out how to connect systems, or how certain integration patterns work or how to automatically deploy your BizTalk solution makes your life easy.

The TechNet Wiki has progressed and enabled us BizTalk professionals to harness all our knowledge and experience into various articles. More than 500 in total in a five year timeframe, all accessible via the landing page: BizTalk Server Resources on the TechNet Wiki. A job well done by all of those who have participated by contributing, editing and promotion. Hats off for all of you!

Now, whats next for integration in the coming years. BizTalk Server 2016 that will be released somewhere soon in the next couple of months. Logic Apps have gone GA last July. Functions, API management, and flow have been brought under the same umbrella as BizTalk Server, and Logic Apps. And these technologies are now unified in one product group with a vision symbolized by the picture below (see also the video on the Microsoft's vision for integration).


UnifyiedMicrosoft’s vision for integration

Expect more article's in the coming weeks, months on Logic Apps, Flow, Functions and BizTalk Server 2016. Microsoft's integration technology is evolving and changing the way we will integrate. And many of us contributing in the past will be happy to do so in the near future for the TechNet Wiki.