Did you know that we have a layout article?

When I'm writing a new article on our TechNet Wiki, I start to include content and organize all, from the source of the problem to solution.

Each of us writes articles in a very personal way, but what many don't know is that there is a default layout in TechNet Wiki (which is constantly evolving) to organize our text properly. This layout exists to help readers and writers.

All this to facilitate the reading of TechNet Community members and our visitors.

Perhaps you would ask: is it easier to read articles written using the default layout?

Well, when we write articles using default layout such as we have in the TechNet Wiki, the reader can navigate through the content quickly even without the inclusion of an index (or TOC).

This becomes intuitive, in the same way that we know where the links to the information most like to read on a Web Site, the reader of our articles can also find the information if the content is organized and displayed simply in "sections".

The sections make the content organized and facilitate the understanding of the text, there is even a sorting for each section.

You may know better how to structure your article. Read more in User Experience Guidelines. It's highly recommended to read this article.

Another "good place" for you to find quality articles is the List of Award Winning TechNet Articles Guru.

In this article, you can find many topics about the Technology that you like and still learn with all of our Gurus best practices of create articles.

A Wiki Ninja knows when it's time to learn and when to teach. See you soon here !

Brazilian Wiki Ninja Durval