Friday International Update: What's new on the Brazil Wiki Ninja Blog!!!

For our Portuguese-speaking friends from Brazil, we're proud to offer our Wiki Ninjas Blog in Portuguese:


This is a special blog run by the Portuguese community! So not only is it in excellent Portuguese, but it also focuses on what the Portuguese community is doing!

Here are some of the recent blogs:


We give a big and special thanks to...


Renato Groffe Renato Groffe's avatar

  • 53 Wiki Articles & 756 Wiki Edits
  • 518 Forum Answers & 1,277 Forum Replies!
  • 46 MSDN/TechNet Blog Posts with 352 high-star ratings!


Jefferson Castilho Jefferson Castilho's avatar

  • MVP & Microsoft Partner
  • 62 Wiki Articles with 619 Wiki Edits
  • 255 Forum Answers
  • 117 MSDN/TechNet Blog Posts with 388 high-star ratings!


Big thanks to both Renato and Jefferson for helping keep the Brazil community kicking!

For example, in the latest update on the different languages on TechNet Wiki (published just two weeks ago):


...You can see that pt-BR (Brazil Portuguese) has 4,650 Wiki Articles, as of the end of January 2017!

Big thanks go out to all the contributors in the Portuguese community!


Jump on in! The Wiki is Warm!

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PS: Today's banners (on the top and bottom of this blog post) come from Kamlesh Kumar!