How to write a great post on the Wiki - For Dummies

All credits should actually go to Peter Geelen, as this article is just the opposite of what he wrote a few days before:

Understand your audience

You are not writing for your teacher or for your preferred baseball team club, but you write for the world well known and most prestigiuous Microsoft Platform. Before you start to write, have a clear understanding of your audience. For instance, your readers are potential “testers”, “buyers”, “administrators” who are looking to start their own project and you probably don't want to give them “bad” or "wrong" information. 

Choose a great topic.

Before you do anything, you need to choose a theme for your blog. My blog posts are mainly about SharePoint Server. My topics are sometimes general or more in deep dive. But it is essential to come up with a few topic ideas before you get started. After you choose one to run with, you need to create a working title and a GREAT content. Try to find your way! 

Understand (y)our formatting

Use functions – if I may call them like that – like the TOC and/or headings (H1) . This will make your blog post more attractive and professional.  Try to find your style in the Wiki. If I had to choose for you a few contributors as example, I’ll definitively choose for Matthew or Benoit’s writing skills.

Write great content

Don’t do a copy paste from other blogs.  Even if you copy some texts or images, please refer it. But you’ll definitively win the community’s respect if you write your own content. 


When writing, don’t forget to have – FUN!  

Like I do with Benoit Jester and many other community contributors for online or offline events: