If the Wiki was… a Tube of Glue ?!!

Welcome to the weekend surprise! Today I am making a small post and will compare the Wiki to something unusual.. a tube of glue..


Of Course.. Yes !

Why I made that link between the glue and the Wiki you migth ask me. I got three reasons:

1 – It glues anything that comes in contact with. Yes, sometime it can take some times to glue, but small article might explode after some months. Like that article that was edited a lot after some times: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/1780.external-backup-drives-compatibility-list.aspx

2 – It glue any material that can come in contact with it. Like that article that cover a lot of category in the subject: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/125.hyper-v-survival-guide-en-us.aspx. It glues the subject all together.

3 – It’s attractive. Like a glue’s tube can be attractive to a child! Don’t try to remove them the tube after they got it and don't forget it on the table without supervision!

In the same order of idea I could compare the TechNet Library to a "Epoxy Glue". Not everyone is used to use epoxy. You need to take a pair of glove, take your time and be sure where you spot the glue because you have less in the bottle. The glue will stay longer in it's original state, but the TechNet Wiki come balance that as you get more freedom and easy of use as everyone can use normal glue and come over your publishing!

Let me think of your idea(s) !!


- French Ninja Phil (Wiki, Profile)