Integration and the TechNet Wiki

Last couple of years I have blogged on the TechNet Wiki blog about integration and BizTalk in general. The scope of integration has broadened with the emerge of the cloud. Integration is not limited to the on premise domain. Nowadays it includes the cloud and devices.

A global research and advisory firm Forester reported recently on a couple of providers offering integration technology (on premise and cloud). Forester did research in the integration offerings of providers like Microsoft, Mule, Dell Boomi and others. In their report Forester introduced four typical application landscapes, a similar kind of concept Gartner uses with their magical quadrant:

  • Wide integration - focusing on the value of hybrid integration.
  • Deep integration - with a focus on integration capability first and interoperability second.
  • Cloud integration - focuses on all and any integrations in and with the cloud, including iPaaS offerings.
  • Internet-of-Things integration

In the report it turn out that Microsoft was a strong performer in wide, deep and cloud integration with their technology, products and partner products:

  • BizTalk Server
  • BizTalk Server on Azure (IaaS)
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure BizTalk Services
  • SQL Server(for data integration capabilities)
  • BizTalk Adapter Pack

Partner products:

  • Sentinet by Nevatech as a repository and metadata life-cycle management solution,
  • BizTalk360 by Kovai for run-time management

The TechNet wiki provides a full range of articles on the above mentioned products and technologies.

Enjoy your weekend and the TechNet Wiki!

Steef-Jan Wiggers (Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Profile)