Integration is my business and business is good!

It is summertime and we are half way through the year 2013. For Microsoft integration it is has been a great year so far. What do I mean by Microsoft Integration? It is the area within the broad range of Microsoft products and technologies that has its focus on integration. You could call it Microsoft's integration stack contain products and technologies like BizTalk Server, WCF Services, SSIS, Workflow, Windows Azure Service Bus and the recently available BizTalk Services. Within the Microsoft MVP program Microsoft integration is one of the technical expertise. It is definitely an important area of interest for Microsoft and its customers.

The last 18 months there has been extensive build up of articles around Microsoft Integration. Just take a look at these entry points on the TechNet Wiki to the available resources:

This accumulative build of articles is the result of Microsoft efforts to drive integration forward. A new release of BizTalk Server 2013, BizTalk Services, Workflow Manager, Service Bus for Windows Server, and enhancements to Windows Azure Service Bus is just an example of what Microsoft has done over that period of time. During the TechEd North America Microsoft told the integration story at this moment: Microsoft Integration Vision and Roadmap. There is one slide that in my view says it all.

A customer has choices when it comes to integration with the Microsoft Integration Stack. All have matured or are maturing to an enterprise level. Microsoft will push forward with innovating these technologies. Therefor, I believe integration has a bright future and it will mean for us as integration folks: "Integration is my business and business is good!"

 - Ninja Steef-Jan (Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Profile)