Interview with a Network Security Expert, Wiki Ninja, and Turkish Avenger - Mustafa Kaya

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For another Monday blog post, we'll be doing another Interview with a Wiki Ninja!


This week's guest is Mustafa Kaya.


And here's his User Page: Mustafa KAYA(tr-TR)


Here are his Wiki Statistics:

  • Total number of articles: 19
  • Article Edits: 64

His top Wiki Articles:

SCCM 2012 Enerji Maliyeti Hesaplama ve Çevresel Etkisi – GREEN IT

Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 – BranchCache Konfigurasyon (tr-TR)

Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 – DFS Genel Bakis ve Kurulum (tr-TR)

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Find this interview in Turkish here:

Pazartesi - Mustafa Kaya ile Roportaj

Let's get to the interview!

Who are you, where are you, what are you doing? What is your special technology to you?

Hi, my name is Mustafa Kaya; I was born in Antalya; I continue to work in Antalya. I've been in the software industry working as a professional for about 10 years. My ventured out in my career in high school and started studying in the area of computer hardware register. During my high school, I bought a server with Windows NT, I threw myself into the world of education. At a private technology firm, I have been working as a system engineer.


My main operations and interests are in High Availability and Disaster Recovery, virtualization solutions, Microsoft Exchange, and the Microsoft System Center family of products. My specialty is in the area of network security and Network Solutions.


What's your biggest project right now?

I've had different solution areas throughout my career; I took part in many large-scale projects. Each one is valuable for me. Whether large or small, I do the best I can. I'm trying to show better care and effort and learn every year. My current project is in an important industrial district, 450, the company's fiber optic network project.


Where do you contribute to other than TNWiki?

Apart from my TechNet Wiki family, I contribute to, and other places on the Internet. I'm trying to contribute to various technical groups. Also I am carrying on my personal blog,


What is TechNet Wiki is for what? And for whom?

TechNet Wiki is about Microsoft technologies and is for providing resources in the field of information technologies. I contribute to the valuable platform as a volunteer. If you're engaged in research and development on Microsoft products, you can rely on TechNet Wiki to help for problems you encounter. If you're in search of resources, tehn TechNet Wiki will be very useful for you!

What interests you about TechNet Wiki?

I follow all the new technologies and the related Wiki articles with great interest. Our friends are separated by their work and private lives when they're sharing in the sacrifice by writing these great articles. I would like to thank all our friends for their labour and effort!

What is your favorite Wiki article you've contributed?

SCCM 2012 energy cost calculation and environmental impact – GREEN IT: an article about energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions!

What would you like to be if you weren't an IT-Pro?

I always wanted to be a teacher. The great Turkish nation deserves every effort I can to serve it!


Do you have any comments for the TechNet Wikiproduct group?

TechNet Wiki helps Microsoft provide support all over the world. It's a really successful common platform. You can get ideas on a topic you're looking for and you can quickly access a resource. The expert Team also participates in many Turkish Technet Avengers efforts. It is truly a valuable platform. This platform is for me very enjoyable.




Find this interview in Turkish here:

Pazartesi - Mustafa Kaya ile Roportaj


Thank you, Mustafa! Thanks for all the kind words about TechNet Wiki! We know it's not perfect, and we've got some improvements coming in 2015, but we really appreciate your kind words!

Please join me in thanking Mustafa for his contributions!

   - Ninja Ed