Interview with an Azure, Office 365 expert and Wiki Ninja – Rıza Şahan

Welcome to another Interview with a Wiki Ninja! Today’s ninja is… Rıza Şahan.

Rıza is turkishninja and he write most popular article on TechnetWiki.

New Articles  66
Article Edits  183
Comments  34

His profile page is

happy reading .

Who are you, where do you live?, what do you do? Which technology is your area of specialization?

I’m Rıza ŞAHAN, born in Yozgat  in  1984, lived in İstanbul last 25 years. I found myself in IT World after training as industrial school and college steps. I contributed to  IT for approximately 12 years at Çelikel Alüminyum A.Ş Company which is in g automotive manufacturing  sector.


Let’s talk about Turkish and French communities at Technet Wiki. How did it start? What do you like? Is group getting grown up?

I met Technet Wiki on 2014. I occasionally was taking supports from resources at Technet when I had a problem and when a new project application needed to be implemented.  I write articles in order to improve myself and share with all in the community.Strong collaboration with colleagues is very important to melearning and sharing gives me joy and Technet wiki is a great place for that.


What is your supreme Project at the moment?

To evolve and enable my institutions IT process adhere to 27001 standards

Make my job institution’s IT processes fit and suitable according to 27001 standards.

Where else do you contribute along with Technet Wiki?

I’m member Çözümpark Bilişim portal that has a dignity around Turkey and World except Technet Wiki. I contribute portal as much as I can and share at my blog;

I am an active member of Çözümpark Bilişim portal that is very popular.  Please see my blog for more details à
Why for Technet Wiki? For who?

It is for community  who contribute to Technet Wiki IT World and who would like to benefit from each other.

What can you do with Technet Wiki and how on your free time?

I research articles which can benefit  and influence  my colleagues and work place I create test environment and sand box to do POC’s, the successful POC’s are implemented

What do you interest on Technet Wİki?

The IT world is everchanging and evolving at a very high pace, in order to access the latest and greatest solutions to complex enterprise challenges and share my experience and keep up with the latest trends and proven  industry practices.
For which articles you and other communities cooperate regarding #TNWiki? What is your experience?

I sometimes have an exchange of ideas with my friends from Çözümpark Bilişim portal and progress based on it.

I have been collaborating with a diverse group of stakeholders at Çözümpark Bilişim portal for the last XX years

For what kind of articles mostly do you spend your time?

I try to write my all articles as basic as to ensure readers benefit without any compulsion. I’m careful on all steps should be true inside article. Due to this reason I spent much time when I work for an issue that unknown and has long implementations steps.

I like to share my practical experience and lessons learnt which can benefit other members save  time and frustration

Which article is your favourite that you contributed?

Below 4 links are my favourites.

What is your top 5 favourite wiki article?

I can say that below my article inside of my top 5  J

What is your Top 5 list issues for article or developing, contributing or fields need be attention.


-Oficce 365

-Windows Server 2016

-Exchange 2016

-Sql 2014


Who do you get inspired from on Wiki society and Why?

It’s hard to call out a specific name but it’s the synergy of this platform where you learn from different team members new and old alike that is really inspiring.

What Technet Wiki’s success look like?

Can be a bit different resemblance but it first come to my mind. J It helps how to drive a car that has produced with every speciality features for a person who addicted to automobile.
More learning and more sharing, wider distributions in different languages and regions, one stop shop for all techies to reach out for a solution or to share one.

Do you have any comment for product group Technet Wİki?

Pretty complex to use. Hard to write article, updating photo step is the factor which occurs mentioned difficulty. Better works can be carried out as nice interface designing, people can see their resource what they’re writing.

Some of the solutions can have more audio or video as supposed passive text, as simple as Youtube.