Learning about BizTalk Server has never been easier now with the TechNet Wiki

In October 2011 I started writing BizTalk related Wiki articles for the TechNet Wiki. There around 40 article's and it has now grown close to 200. That is a fivefold increase in number! In one word: Awesome!

What the number of article will tell us that there is a lot of resources available about BizTalk Server. As BizTalk community we share our experience through the numerous articles and lead the way to point out where all the information can be found. To learn more about BizTalk whether you are a beginner, more experienced BizTalk professional or expert you can find almost everything through the TechNet Wiki these days.

For the beginners in BizTalk Server the following articles are targeted for them:

In case you are new to BizTalk than you can go wrong with the above mentioned articles. If you like to assess, where you stand as a developer or administrator (beginner or experienced) than the Q&A articles can be a big help:

For the more experienced BizTalk professionals there are lots of articles to choose from like survival guides, how to's, walk-troughs and so on. There are two articles worth mentioned here depending if you are a developer or administrator:

Finally if you are a seasoned and experienced BizTalk professional than there is something you too. Let's say you want to know what Integration Patterns can be implemented using BizTalk and what is available online or what are the anti-patterns:

Or in case you wonder what resource material like whitepapers, sessions, or presentations is available:

As you can see a lot of articles that you can access to learn about BizTalk Server. The general page to have access to all the articles is the BizTalk Server Resources on the TechNet Wiki. So in my view "Learning about BizTalk Server has never been easier now with the TechNet Wiki!"

- Ninja Steef-Jan (Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Profile)