Planning for the Microsoft Community Future... let us know what is on your wish list!

Last year, we have increasingly been polling you for your feedback on the required features for the future Microsoft Community tools.
Remember the first call that avatar of xaml-guyPete Laker posted a year ago (exactly year to year on the MVP summit): Help us shape the future of your community!

In the course of the year avatar of ed-price-msftEd Price - MSFT polled your feedback on various important community features...

"We're continuing our discussion with the community about the migration process and the new platform. We're building on our last related discussions":  

Now, we start moving in to a new phase as the new ideas are getting more concrete.

So, we like to compile the feedback on your requirements of the ultimate Microsoft  community toolset.

Not only Wiki but also Forums, Gallery (and even blogs).

We are collecting your feedback at this Wiki page: Community Future plans: Requested features for forums, blogs, Wiki and Gallery.

If you know exactly what you want and you feel comfortable to add it to the page, go ahead.

Please note: There is a small risk for authors editing the article concurrently. In that case, save your suggestions offline and try again after a short while, when the article has been saved by the concurrent editor. Or use the forum, blog or mail as suggested below.

As backup, I've also started a new threat at the Wiki forum (here) to track suggestions and requirements.

This allows you to discuss suggestions, requirements. We'll collect the requirements and dump it to the central Wiki page mentioned earlier.

And, of course, you can also comment on this post. The more, the better!


And last but not least, you can always e-mail me (see my profile for details) with your top 10 requirements (and explanation) and I'll add it to the list for you.

Let us know what you want for the Future Microsoft Community and let's get the best out of it!

You make the community, take this opportunity!