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As predicted by the Maya’s, yesterday was the end of the world, but today I’m living so I guess that they were wrong.  

Before beginning I’d like to wish you ALL a merry Christmas!!

Today I’m going to explain how to learn, install and Configure Sharepoint Server 2013. This is my week-end surprise and you can use this as a reference to all kind of IT PRO who wants to use SharePoint Server 2013.

But therefore I’m honored to introduce you as a SharePoint Pirate,my friend Christmas Ninja

Before beginning to build your SharePoint environnement you have to know what is SharePoint, how-to build it, what means service applications, what you can do with SharePoint. Therefore you can read this wiki Page.

This is a set of training and videos (14 modules): http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/12483.sharepoint-2013-set-of-training-and-videos-14-modules.aspx


After watching all these videos you have to know what you need as requirement to build a SharePoint Platform. It’s a real heavy platform so you can’t install it on each hardware:  



Each Software or Platform has his own Best Practices. And the person who can write the best “best practices” is Magriet Bruggeman. Check her post to see what practices you should you for your environnement. It’s a wonderful article.



Now we are ready. Ready to install!! But you can’t directly install SharePoint Server; you have to install the prerequisits of SharePoint. If your Windows Server doesn’t have an Internet Connection you can install the prerequisits
manually and Craig wrote a really comprehensive guide to troubleshoot them.






Great, now you can install SharePoint Server. Check the link to know how to install SharePoint Server 2013 on Windows Server 2012 With SQL Server 2012 written by myself:



When your SharePoint Server 2013 is installed you can now configure services for your client. Here under a few examples of configuring services.

Metadata Services:


Access Services:


Search Services:



And the last but not the least do not forget to get your certificate on SharePoint Server. The certification will be out around February so it’s now or never to pass your certificate SharePoint 2010.

This is actually the flow that you should follow for your architecture..



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