Sunday Surprise – Azure's Amazing Media Redactor


Welcome everyone to our Sunday's surprise blog post. I hope you all are doing well and excited to learn about today's surprise. Well, today's surprise comes from Media & CDN category of Microsoft Azure. Service I am talking about today is of great importance to many people in many industries. Imagine if you were given a task of blurring out a specific person from video? If we talk about media related companies, it's a common talk and off course it's time taking as well. Then issue comes around when you need to tweak frequency of blur and adjust according to requirements of specific video. We are being tech guys, we love to do things super easy and in an effective manner by using technology.

Microsoft Azure recently announced general availability of Azure Media Redactor. So, what's Azure Media Redactor, and what it can do for you? Azure Media Redactor is a powerful cloud video processing service which is capable of automatically detecting and blurring faces in your videos. You can use this service both automated and semi-manual ways.  With general availability of Azure Media Redactor, it has some updated. Now it comes with greatly improved processing speed, better face detection and tracking and most importantly now it allows you multiple blur modes.

If I specifically talk about blurring changes, five modes which are available for blur are,

  • Low
  • Medium (Med)
  • High
  • Debug
  • Black

So, if you are a company that focuses on public safety or news media Azure Media Redactor can make your live super easy with immense power of computing available on Azure and no need of infrastructure to do the job life would be much simpler and easier.

You can read more about it here,

I hope you liked it, will come up with another post, another day. Happy Sunday!


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