Sunday Surprise: Focus On Your 2018 Tech Goals

Every year, around this time, we start thinking about all the changes we want to make during the upcoming new year. We always have good intentions, making lots of promises to ourselves. We call these resolutions as we resolve to make these changes but in the end, they usually fall by the wayside in the first few months.

I like the term goal better than resolution as it’s a word we use a lot. We set goals for ourselves constantly and a resolution is nothing but a goal. When we set out to meet a goal, we usually break it down into smaller chunks. For example, if you want to get a master’s degree, you take each course consecutively. Can you imagine trying to study for your master’s by taking all courses at once?

In this article, we examine how you can attain your goals around improving your tech skills.

Technological Goals For Learning and Contributing

Since we are in technology, we usually have tech goals. Maybe it’s learning a technology or maybe it’s to become more acquainted with the local developers in your community. The following list is but a small sample of how you can increase your technical knowledge in 2018:

Microsoft Learning LogoStep 1: Learn

  1. Azure:
  2. Video Training:
  3. Join A Community:Microsoft Tech Community Logo
  4. Get Certified:

Step 2: Contribute

  1. TechNet Community:
  2. Microsoft Logo
  3. Open Source:
  4. Write/Blog:
  5. Speaking:
  6. As a Microsoft MVP:MVP logo

All of these activities increase your knowledge and help you become more tech-savvy. Some, like starting a tech meetup, blogging, and contributing to the TechNet Wiki, have additional benefits of helping you get known in the tech community. This can lead to new jobs, speaking gigs, and even becoming a Microsoft MVP.

Learning and giving back is a self-sustaining cycle. Once you start, you will meet your 2018 goals. And by then it’s time to start thinking about new goals for 2019!

Happy New Year!

by Ken Cenerelli (TwitterBlogMSDN ProfileMVP Profile)