TechNet Guru - New Miscellaneous Category!!

Hot off the trails of Peter's May TechNet Guru results...

The Microsoft TechNet Guru Awards! (May 2014)


Do you wish you could participate in the TechNet Guru contest?

But your product doesn't fit in any of the categories?

Maybe it's Lync, Exchange, Word, Excel, Xbox development, or a Windows IT scenario!


Well despair no longer!


We're introducing a new category to the TechNet Guru contest!

The Miscellaneous category!


(I first pitched the idea right before Bob commented the same idea, so he helped us refine it. Thanks, Bob!)


So there you go! Go add your articles there and win some awards!


One benefit of this category, is it will tell us what future categories we should consider adding. =^)


Thank you for making the TechNet Wiki library of content so awesome!

   - Ninja Ed